Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PERLEY KIDDER ( 1891 - 1918 ) aged 27

PERLEY KIDDER ( 1891 - 1918 ) - aged 27 - was Postmaster in Wardsboro, VT - He enjoyed photography, taking many pictures of the Village of Wardsboro. Below are a few of his picture postcards which now appear on eBay. The photos were taken sometime between 1915 and 1918. He died unmarried.

Bridge Street, Wardsboro, VT

W W Kidder Hardware
Store owned by William Walter Kidder his son Perley Kidder took photo

Bird's Eye View of Wardsboro

Post Office

Main Street, Wardsboro


  1. Just to the left of the Hardware Store and Post Office, across the road in the town swimming hole known as Kidders.

    The bottom picture, labeled Main Street is called South Hill Road. The house you see at the end of the street is now the Wardsboro History House. Each 4th of July there will be a wonderful exhibit of past life in Wardsboro. The house to the right is my sister's house.

    Most of the trees seen in this last photo are no longer there but some new ones have been planted. This street is the site of Wardsboro's Annual Street Fair held each 4th of July.

  2. Many people died in the Flu epidemic of 1918. I wonder if Perly Kidder also died of the flu.