Monday, August 23, 2010

Lt. Lyman Kidder - Dispatch to General George Custer

1st Lt. Lyman Stockwell KIDDER served in the 1st Minnesota Cavalry, Co., K, during the Civil War. Following the war, Lyman S. KIDDER was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army, assigned to 2nd United States Cavalry. He was killed at Beaver Creek, Kansas, 2 July 1867, while carrying a dispatch from General William T. SHERMAN then at Fort Sedgwick, Kansas, to General George CUSTER, in camp at the forks of Republican River, Kansas. Lt. KIDDER (age 24) and all his soldiers were killed by a Indians. The bodies were discovered by General CUSTER and buried on the spot where attacked.
A book written regarding the attack upon Lt. KIDDER and his men. “A Dispatch to Custer, The Tragedy of Lieutenant Kidder”, by Randy JOHNSON and Nancy ALLAN, (1999) Mountain Press Company, pages 119, best portrays the incident. Lt. Lyman S. KIDDER'S father Jefferson KIDEER went to Kidder battle site in Kansas about a year later with a regiment of Cavalry soldiers and recovered the body of his son and buried him at Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, MN.

There is a historical marker near the site at Beaver Creek, Kansas.

Lt. Lyman KIDDER was the second child of Jefferson P KIDDER and Mary Ann STOCKWELL.

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