Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Benjamin Kidder (about 1738 - 1759 ) died in French Prison

Benjamin Kidder, date of birth not recorded ( born about 1738 in NH ); died before Feb. 1759.
Benjamin Kidder served as a drummer in Capt. John Goffe's Company, Col. Blanchard's Regiment, at Crown Point, in 1755, again in 1756 in the same company in Col. Nathaniel Meserve's Regiment. August 1757, while serving in Col. Meserve's Regiment, Benjamin Kidder was captured by the French at Fort William Henry, NY, taken to Canada, after four months of suffering there, was sent to "Rochelle in old France where he died in Goal." His brother John Kidder was granted letters of administration of his estate and in a Petition to the General Assembly of the Province of New Hampshire, dated Jan. 1759, John Kidder asks for losses incurred because of Benjamin Kidder's death. In these papers he is referred to a "Sergeant Benjamin Kidder."
Benjamin Kidder was the 5th child of Benjamin Kidder and Sarah Goffe.

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