Thursday, January 14, 2010

1934 Gangland Murder in Minneapolis

Headlines on Monday 5 March 1934, in the “The Minneapolis Tribune” were “Gang Trails Autoist Home, Kills Him”, and another article read “St. Louis Park man slain as wife watches”. Theodore Campbell KIDDER with his wife Bernice DUXBURY and mother-in-law in his car were trailed by five gang men, as the 35 year old paint salesman, and family were returning home from a birthday party they attended earlier that evening. “The five gang members tried to run Kidder off the road, still following them, Kidder finally stopped his car near his residence and walked to the sedan and said something to its occupants. There was a reply. The two woman got out of their car. There was three shots, two striking Kidder in the abdomen, he died at the scene. “The large sedan with California license plates sped off”. Newspaper accounts theories it was a case of mistaken identity.

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Ted Kidder

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